The Educational Licence

The Educational Licence is an annual licence priced at £29.99 and increasing by the RPI per year.
For this you can install the Initial Programming Language on;
  • All of the establishments' computers.
  • All of the employee's own computers.
  • All of the pupil's own computers.

If and when issued upgrades will be made available for download from an internet site.


Initial Programming Language is available as an electronic fulfilment and is priced at £29.99 (twenty nine pounds and ninety nine pence UK Sterling) for a one year licence.  Licences can be renewed with an annual increase of based on the RPI  or its successor.

The order method is;
  • Download the application (2MB).
  • Uninstall any previous versions of IPL.
  • Unzip and run the install package
  • After downloading send us an email asking us to raise an invoice, please remember to include the invoice address!
  • The Initial Programming Langauge uses some Microsoft components that not everybody will have, especially if you are using Win XP so you may need to download and install only do this if you have problems.

With this method we are trusting you to "play fair" but we are also reducing the costs by not introducing too many intermediaries who also need paying or asking you to use a personal credit card and reclaim it!
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An educational game, play around with your weekly budget.