Programming for beginners and technophobes

Stylised IPL screen shot The Initial Programming Language, is a Windows XP (or later) based product intended as an entry level programming language for use at home and in educational environments.

I have Win 98 why won't it work for me.
Although designed for the beginner, it can do more than you might expect.
As it is a fun product we have included a module called ipl.scr, this allows you to run an Initial Programming Language program as a screen saver.  ipl.scr is freely distributable, so you can write some "nifty" screen savers and give them to other people.

Money Manager screen shot Unlike traditional programming languages which allow you to type whatever you want and then complain about it later, Initial Programming Language uses Dialogs for every instruction allowing you to quickly achieve results.
The Message Queue

VB Express If you are an experienced Windows programmer you will know about the Message Queue and Messages such as WM_PAINT, WM_MOUSEMOVE etc.
The Initial Programming Language doesn't expose the Message Queue, instead the really important messages are handled by what we call Sections.
Versions And Purchasing

I want an Educational Licence this licence is aimed at schools and colleges and it covers all of the establishment's computers as well as teacher's and pupil's computers, we think that it is a bargain.

I want a Domestic Consumer Licence this licence is aimed at the individual and allow multiple installations but only one user at a time.

Money Manager screen shot MoneyManager - A teaching aid for basic money management skills, this is included in the latest release. Basically you get paid, you then have to pay rent, buy food & clothing and possibly make loan repayments.

Ghost screen shot Ghost Grid - A game where a ghost chases spirits and pints around a grid!

We created this as part of a joke site called .
Why Would I Want To?
It can be surprisingly good fun, I started out programming in Assembler (Hitachi 6303) a 1MHz processor, in those days you had to do everything yourself.

Nowadays with multi gigahertz processors and megabytes of RAM, you can write programs that use lots of pre-written functions that achieve a lot whilst you learning the fundamentals.

Isn't It Difficult?
Writing simple programs is pretty easy, writing programs with tens or hundreds of thousands of lines isn't.

Visual Basic Express Edition
VB Express By launching their Express Editions Microsoft have indirectly confirmed the need for a product such as this.

VB is a great language, but it has evolved and is no longer simple for a complete beginner.

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